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Its cold out here...

..and the sun is shining, as it usually does any time i have to go to work. From my balcony on the heady heights of the second floor we can see Takasaki city to my left, the white and black glass reflecting the clouds in an otherwise perfect baby blue sky. To my right the giant statue of Kannon, goddess of mercy (and other stuff), who watches stoically from her hill (Kannon Yama - literally Kannon's hill) and soaks up the best of this afternoons sunshine. There is no heat however, the sky looks like freshly polished glass and the sun is postcard perfect in it, but strangely no heat. I can see passers by on their ways to work, looking around in puzzlement at the weather, wrapped up in winter woolens and not understanding why.

Some of the things about this place are pretty frustrating, but i guess that's just me being so used to my westernized lifestyle that this place can hit me in strange ways, other things really do take your breath away. But on days like this, when i can see mountains in every direction that i look, days like this are pretty breathtaking.

such a shame i have to go to work huh?


P.S. Roll on Dec holidays until the 7th ;)

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