Japan. WTF

im in japan.

it hits me every now and then.

im IN japan

the people here are dull. i mean fucked dull.

imagine your culture got the shit bombed out of it. told it was morally and spiritually wrong and then stamped on by Mr (America) Democracy....

kinda stunted dull.

but every now and then you get a hint, like a taste on the tip of your tongue, of the real Japan. A place yearning to be a people. A society in a constant flux of indecision between now and the 1700's.

There ARE samurai, you've just gotta squint your eyes a bit and look real carefully and you can see them.

Salerymen, Housewives, School kids, College students.....all bizzare...different...hopeful and fucked.

If there was ever a place for some modern day alchemy, a synthesis or an alloy of people it would be Japan. Sometimes they stand alone in the East, a phariah or martyr that the other nations exist to kick the shit out of. Other times...i dunno, they represent something different an idea or a principle, as yet unfucked by the duplicity of our modern times.

bare in mind, this was a nation that also raped the east.

i love mountains however, i feel for the way the people are so tied into underachievement. Desperate but not really knowing how desperate they are, naive and stupid but not as conceited as we are, not as....in love with our own idea of superiority.

They lost, they know it. They have war criminals, we have heroes.

Wabi - Sabi
beauty - excellence

simplicity in every art, beauty in every emotion, perfection in every motion and every line and every breath we breathe

Japan is complex yet simple, you only need to look carefully

. This message was brought to you on Whiskey, and the letter W and the number fish...

expect it to be deleted as some point soon once i sober up
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Whoa, its been a long time since ive updated.

Not because i havnt had anything to say you understand, just because....aww fuck it...i havnt had anything to SAY

Japan remains amazing. theres a surprising amount of comfort to be gained to be waking up to mountains giant statues of old gods. You have to understand that Takasaki on the surface is pretty unremarkable but it's totally...no...TOTALLY cool to wake up, walk out of your apartment...and to your left mountains and to your right a giant statue of Kannon (goddess of mercy).

I love the country, its beautiful. The work, well i can take it or leave it, at best it's temporary.

This is an update, or a pre-update to the real update.

Autumn here is cool, sunny days but freezing nights and the countryside remains spectacular. Looking forward to going to Kyoto soon and to be honest im lookng forward to April 1st more and more.

rambly....im very rambly....im pretty damn smitten...and very rambly....

day to day...i can be pretty up and down...sometimes more down than up...

but. im happy, cause in the long term i think im sorted.


i know im sorted, by sorted i know im happy. like HAPPY

its crazy.

proper update when im sober, but basically im slowly getting my shit in gear and will upload pics soon

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okay, gotta be the record for one of the dumbest posts ever (since the last dumb post). Since then i am making the resolution that drinking while taking drugs isn't good for you kids. Though i remain fairly adamant about the inadaquacies of the written medium, most of the rest kinda dissolves into some wierd 15 yr old cheese (and not the good tasty type you can eat with port or on bread).

more in a bit, head hurts, will revise/edit post and maybe throw it up a little more coherently at some point.

love and kisses

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The long dark endeth...

So irrespective of thought or belief finally the world has become a slightly more sensible place as i have finally wired myself into a big fat internet drip. So the final seal has been broken and i am now fully capable of.....

...what exactly?

well, in honesty i havn't decided. i've got a few pieces that i need to shlock but other than that i think it's time to stop bumming around here in Japland and get down to some serious work. My brief few months (years doctor!) of slacking have been a laugh but better get the old cherry red typewriter out and spill my guts.

so, this is just my note to the world to let you know that i'll be actually responding to emails again, and with luck the site'll get done in the next few weeks or so.

but now.

more importantly than all that.

i'm going.

to the pub.

'cause i've been paid.

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Somewhere out there is a Llama with my name on it....

Just a quick update to warn the masses that once more will i be spilling my vile literary excrement over the internet soon. As of the 13th i will upload my neural consciousness to the web as my apartment becomes 'connected'. In Short expect more updates soon.

In brief however :
Japan's going _great_, the work's easy as hell and the area's damn gorgeous.
Closer to getting published, even if at this stage it's only self published around the Tokyo/Takasaki area.
I'm not in Lancaster, this by the way is a fucking good thing.
Warren is still a prick (just in case you thought going to Japan had somehow mellowed me out)
I'm actually doing pretty well in general, occasional ups and downs but nothing too dramatic and as a rule i'm on top of things.
I miss a good chunk of you, some of you i don't (but theoretically those people don't read this blog unless they have nothing better to do with their sadly wasted time).

ummm. reasonably sure that's it, i should be checking my normal e-mail addresses soon if you fancy sending me stuff and pictures etc. Eventually i'll pair my selection of email addresses down to one email address - if you want to be added to this let me know, me being slack means i've probably forgotten a great deal of addresses already.

Oh, and if you're reading this Tree. Come to Japan. You'd love it here.

Be cool all of you, and try not to let The Man get you down.

Peace, Out.

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Cock Fest 2005

I'll do a proper entry in a moment, but just for you... some happy music

*insert happy music jingle jangle here*

I'm happy.
shut it you slaaaaaaags :)

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Anthony's Adventures In Wonderland...

Right, short one please barman, i've got a flight to catch.

Am Flying to hobbiton today, the land of the little people, to begin my new part time death cult. I'll be out of the loop (or noose if you prefer) for a while so i can be contacted by you closing your eyes and thinking _really_ hard.

I'll get back to you....assuming i havn't been carved up by flesh eating Gacknurfs (a terrible thing unless they bring their own syrup)

I'll be back...
...In the sequel

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