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Jester Minute - Revolution on Hold

Something like a petrol enema...

22 October
Born in Tibet, was raised by the secret masters as the tool to take over the world. Quickly rised through the ranks of the hidden brother hood to become the 'Grand Ectocuntsplash' or Arch Duke of evil (another word for Jam). After eliminating all known rivals went on a holy crusade against mainstream pop, crap television and Stupid people...have been crusading ever since (apart from regulated union tea breaks).
In spare time finished degree (on invisible yoghurt maintenence), invaded France and came up with a better kind of toothpick. Have somehow aquired international love monkey with exceptional bottom, will accept petitions, food or donations of cheesecake as a form of bribery. Still attempts to avoid spelling or actual grammar whenever possible.
The revolution is not now, these are not the droids you're looking for and it maybe one small step but it's a bloody long fall.
Peace. Out.